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When looking at the meaning of gynecology in the field of cosmetics, it is an application that is very much in demand today. Vaginoplasty applications are a very important procedure for women to maintain a positive order in their sexual life. Vaginoplasty is one of the most effective solutions for women who have had a large number of deliveries and have had a difficult delivery period, especially in terms of enlargement. It is inevitable that there will be problems during sexual intercourse in an enlarged vagina.

This situation, which affects women, will also affect the partner negatively, and people consider it appropriate to have a vaginal tightening operation. Vaginal enlargement is a condition that can occur in young girls as well as in women in general. This situation is due to collagen deficiency. Vaginoplasty prices should be determined after deciding what technique will be used.

While surgical interventions are more common in vaginal tightening procedures, it is also a condition that can be treated with laser and radio frequency. The operation, which does not leave a scar, can be applied to anyone with ease, and it is possible to have it done comfortably because there is no scar left in cases where the partner should not know. It is an aesthetic application that can be applied to anyone over the age of 18.

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The purpose of the operation is to narrow the enlarged vaginal area. Vaginoplasty applications are performed in the form of tightening the area by removing vaginal tissue that has slackened. The application is performed by only intervening in the vagina without making an incision in any area. The operation, which is completed in 30-40 minutes, is completed by narrowing the vaginal entrance and stitching.

Since the operation is surgical, it must be performed under general anesthesia. The process of determining vaginoplasty prices begins by establishing the suitability of the patient at the examination stage, and the information about whether all the examinations are included in the vaginoplasty prices should be obtained before the surgery. In vaginal tightening procedures, a narrowing of 1-4 cm is generally made. The decision to operate and the planning of the procedure are made by the specialist physician and implemented accordingly.

Vaginal slackness experienced by women who have had difficult deliveries or multiple births has a negative effect on the sex life. Vaginoplasty applications are preferred because this situation causes serious problems for men as well as women.

It is a useful procedure to increase women’s self-confidence, eliminate sexual negativity, prevent unintentional urine discharge that may occur over time, eliminate unwanted sounds that occur during sexual intercourse and repair birth marks.

In addition to these reasons, women are also worried about orgasm. While it is not possible to get pleasure from a slack vagina, it is possible after vaginoplasty surgery. Since vaginoplasty prices will vary according to the procedure to be performed, the patient-specific treatment plan will determine the vaginoplasty price. This operation must be taken advantage of to regain the former sex life and order. It is recommended that people with such problems consult their doctors and get information about the process and what benefits it will have.

In order to be operated, it is important to be over the age of 18 in vaginoplasty operations as in every procedure and to be examined for fitness for the operation. Being examined by a specialist will enable the process to be positive and determine suitability. It is necessary to be examined by a gynecologist and obstetrician for planning and operation.

The procedure offers people a comfortable sexual life after vaginoplasty surgeries, which provides a great advantage in terms of enabling return to their business and social life immediately. The process should be started by making a decision and having an examination to get information about vaginoplasty prices before the operation.

Since it is a surgical operation, the risks encountered in every surgery are valid for this operation. Initially, there is a risk of infection occurring in surgical procedures. Antibiotics recommended by the specialist should be used to eliminate the risk.

Since the stitches made for vaginoplasty surgery to eliminate vaginal slackness are self-dissolving they do not have to be removed. It may take up to 15 days for the stitches to dissolve. The recovery time of the patient differs depending on her condition. The process is completed comfortably without interrupting social life by being discharged on the same day without requiring hospitalization. The patient can take a shower 6-8 hours after the vaginoplasty operation.

The specialist physician will inform the patient about sexual intercourse and sexual intercourse is not recommended until 4-6 weeks after the operation. Entering the pool and sea for 6 weeks is not considered appropriate in terms of infection. A patient who has undergone vaginoplasty surgery should stay away from liquid foods or foods that cause constipation for at least a week.

Attention should be paid to vaginal cleaning and hygiene against the risk of infection. Sexual intercourse should be avoided the antibiotics recommended by the doctor must be used for a while. There will be no scar after the operation. This is because the procedure is done inside the vagina.

Currently vaginoplasty prices are on a reasonable level because it is a highly demanded operation. It is absolutely necessary to be examined first to get a clear price regarding this operation and to establish a patient-specific treatment plan. During the examination, information about the price of vaginoplasty is given, and at the same time, the process required for the operation and what technique will be used is determined.

Factors such as the experience of the doctor, the center where the application will be performed, the technique to use cause changes in the price of vaginoplasty and therefore, it is necessary to do a thorough research while deciding about the surgery.

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