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Breast Reduction Turkey, which are an important detail in the female body, gain a more pleasant form with breast aesthetics. One of the biggest problems faced by women with breasts is that they become large and sag. This situation causes complaints in women. The excessive size of breasts causes serious discomfort in the neck area as well as the body.

As breast size is a genetic problem, the breasts are deformed after the breastfeeding process with the number of deliveries. Breast reduction surgery is a preferred surgical procedure due to the fact that the breasts are larger than normal and sag downwards. Breast reduction turkey prices are determined in line with the process that takes place.

$ 3.000

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2-3 Hours

Operation Time

7 Days

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Body development must be completed before breast reduction surgery. During the operation, the patient is put to sleep with general anesthesia. First, the incision area is determined. A breast reduction operation is started in line with the size and structure of the breast. Excess fat tissue is removed from the incision area. During the procedure, progress is made carefully in order not to damage the tissues of the patient. Therefore, breast reduction surgeries take between 2 and 4 hours. During the reduction process, the body lines of the person are taken into consideration and the breasts are accommodated with the body lines and the breasts become suitable for the body lines.

Excess fat tissue and skin is removed and the breast gets the desired form. A breast lift operation can also be performed during the procedure. Breast reduction prices vary depending on the physical structure of the person.

How the procedure will take place and which method will be used are determined by specialist doctors before starting the operation. Lollipop incision and inverted T incision methods are used during the application. Out of these methods, the circumference of the nipple is cut in a round shape and excess fat tissue is removed from this part with the lollipop incision.

In the method called T incision, a T-shaped incision is made in the lower part of the breast. Proceeding from here, excess adipose tissue is removed. During both breast reduction methods, a careful and diligent effort is made to prevent damage to the milk ducts of women. The methods and techniques used are also directly effective on breast reduction prices.

Before starting the procedure, the health conditions of the patients must be suitable for the surgery. Use of anti-coagulants, if any, should be stopped 3 weeks in advance. If the applicant for breast reduction surgery is a smoker, she should quit. Breast reduction prices are notified to patients and they need to allocate a certain budget for breast reduction.

Like any surgery, there are some challenges in breast reduction surgery. However, if the instructions given by the doctor after the operation are followed strictly and the checks are made on time, there will be no problems.

Some swelling or edema may occur. But these will also pass with rest and recuperation. After the surgery, a sports bra that does not put pressure on the breasts and prevents the breasts from shaking should definitely be used. It is necessary to avoid harmful habits that affect cell regeneration.

The experience of the specialist doctor who will be preferred for breast reduction surgery is very effective for the success of the operation. There are no risks for breast reduction surgery if the doctor progresses the procedure gradually and carefully and does not damage to the milk ducts.

Every surgery leaves traces, albeit partial. However, since spontaneously dissolving surgical sutures with contemporary technological features are used, they dissolve spontaneously over time. The possibility of a scar exists depending on the method and technique used after breast reduction surgery. However, these marks diminish in size to be practicable negligible in time. Furthermore, the number of incisions made during the operation may also affect scars.

Reduction surgery is performed in line with the size and sagging of the breast. Pain and discomfort may be felt after the operation. Therefore, pain relief is recommended by the doctor. All pain will disappear as time progresses.

First of all breast reduction surgery performed to have an aesthetic and voluptuous appearance does not cause cancer. On the contrary, since the breast tissues with a cancer risk are removed with this procedure, the possibility of breast cancer decreases.

Breast reduction prices, which are preferred for both health and aesthetic appearance, are determined depending on the structural features of the breast. In addition, breast reduction prices are updated every year and conveyed to patients by clinics and doctors. The experience of the doctor, the status of the assistant personnel during the procedure, the services of the hospital, the structure of the city where the hospital is located are effective in the determination of breast reduction prices.

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