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Present day people have become quite conscious in the face of developing technology. Therefore, the procedures performed with the latest technologies in terms of skin and beauty has made women look more beautiful. Physical changes occur in the bodies of women with the advancement of age and the number of deliveries. The aim of the mommy makeover turkey is to enable women to regain their prenatal image developed today. In order to have the targeted features in a single package, the desired result is achieved in a short time with several surgical procedures. After childbirth and breastfeeding, sagging breasts, fat in various parts of the body, stretch marks and sagging in the abdomen are encountered. These problems seen in women are determined in a short time and a successful result is achieved as a result of surgical procedures. Mommy makeover prices vary depending on the person’s body structure.

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Pregnancy causes many changes in the body. With the subsequent delivery and breastfeeding period, serious changes are observed in women’s bodies. Weight gain, sagging, localized fat, stretch marks and tears, deformations of the breasts, formal defects and deformities in the vagina, wornout appearance and spots on the face are problems seen in many postpartum women.

Women who experience all these problems can have a younger appearance with a mommy makeover. A mommy makeover is suitable for all women who want to feel good physically and spiritually. Expectations are of great importance in a mommy makeover. In line with these expectations, rejuvenation procedures are started in the body. The most suitable candidates for a mommy makeover are mothers who have completed the breastfeeding period. Mommy makeover prices depend on the number of procedures the mother will receive. In addition, mommy makeover prices are determined as a package.

Breast lifting and enlargement are among the procedures called mommy makeover aesthetics. Especially during the breastfeeding period, the breasts filled with milk start to shrink and sag after the breastfeeding period. Breasts are lifted and enlarged with the use of prosthetic silicones. Excess fat and skin in the abdominal area are removed with a tummy tuck operation. Thus, the abdominal area, which has reached the desired form, is tightened.

Liposuction treatment is also included in maternity aesthetics. Localized fat and fat in general are eliminated with this method. The package includes aesthetic procedures performed in the vaginal area called lobioplasty. It is used to remedy the deformities that occur in the vaginal lips seen in many women after birth. Thanks to maternity aesthetics, the inner lips are reduced and the vagina regains its former appearance. Mommy makeover prices are determined according to the scope of the package to be purchased.

Every woman’s body is different. For this reason, since the problems experienced are different, a smooth and fit body is achieved with maternity aesthetics. Before starting the procedure, mothers should inform their doctor about any medications they use. Especially anti-coagulants and aspirin-like drugs should be discontinued 3 weeks in advance. In addition, individuals who smoke should stay away from this bad habit. Mommy makeover prices are formulated individually and announced to the individual.

The body types and problems experienced by patients who decide to have a mommy makeover are different from each other. While some women prefer a few procedures in the form of a package, some women prefer regional aesthetics.

Maternity aesthetics include breast lifting, augmentation of small breasts, removing excess fat from women with large breasts, abdominal lifting, liposuction, etc. During aesthetic procedures, patients are anesthetized in the operating room with general anesthesia. The price of maternity aesthetics varies depending on the procedure preferred by the patient.

The recovery time varies depending on the operations performed. After the aesthetic procedures, the patients are followed up in hospital for a certain period of time and then discharged. Therefore, patients should have a quality rest after the mommy makeover. They should use the special bras and corsets given by the doctor on a regular basis. Patients who have had abdominoplasty should avoid sudden movements for a certain period of time. Rest and regular use of the cream and medicines given by the doctor is important for the stitches to conglutinate.

Nowadays, women achieve weight control by doing sports and exercises to have a fit appearance. Other than that, they can get a better appearance by having a mommy makeover. That is why the number of women having a mommy makeover increases every day. After the procedure, patients should pay attention to their weight and should eat regularly. Excessive weight gain and loss can cause the body to sag again. You can get information about those who have had a mommy makeover, mommy makeover prices and what procedures are done.

Like every aesthetic operation, the prices of maternity aesthetics are determined depending on the performed procedures. Apart from that, the experience of the specialist doctor of the preferred hospital and the wishes and expectations of the patient are effective in determining the prices of a mommy makeover.

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