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The skin on the biceps of the arms is an area where sagging occurs over time and due to aging. Since sagging and slack arms will cause unhappiness in people, performing a brachioplasty is a salvaging solution.

The remedy for this situation, especially in women, is a surgical procedure to remove the sagging in the arm area by tightening the skin. The aim of this procedure is not to thin the arm, but to tighten the skin to eliminate sagging and slackness. The appearance of sagging and slack skin in the arm is eliminated with brachioplasty surgery.

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Sagging and slack arm skin is an aesthetic problem especially for women. Due to the aging process and the effect of gravity, slackness and sagging in the arms of people, especially in the upper biceps, create an aesthetically unattractive appearance. This aesthetic defect, which has become crucial for the body, is resolved with brachioplasty. Since these operations are lengthy procedures, they are performed under anesthesia. The patient does not feel anything.

Arm slackness and sagging problems, which are usually seen in women over the age of 40, also manifest themselves after weight gain and cause a problematic appearance. Arm sagging, which occurs at an early age depending on skin types, can be safely corrected with brachioplasty.

Brachioplasty costs are among the questions that people have in mind when sagging and slackness is encountered. It is important to get information about the operation by making an appointment beforehand and learn the process as well as to get answers to questions about brachioplasty prices.

Brachioplasty is performed in an operating room environment and under general anesthesia and should be performed by experienced physicians in a sterile environment. The operation starts by making an L-shaped incision from the armpit to the elbow. Excess and sagging skin is removed and tautness is restored to the arm. In case the procedure performed during the examination is not sufficient, the specialist physician completes the Brachioplasty successfully by adding additional methods. Adding methods that may be required can cause differences in Brachioplasty costs. One of the most important questions that people think about is scarring.

Since an incision is made, there is a possibility of scarring in the operation. However, whether this scar will fade or how much scar will be left depends entirely on the experience of the specialist physician performing the operation.

The operation, which is performed for aesthetic purposes and is successful, is completed in approximately 1 hour under general anesthesia under operating room conditions. Brachioplasty results are usually permanent. Although it is permanent, sagging may occur again in some cases, but it will be less pronounced than before.

The operation performed under general anesthesia is sometimes performed under local anesthesia if the patient is not suitable for anesthesia. While patients who have undergone general anesthesia are discharged the next day, those who have had local anesthesia can return home on the same day after brachioplasty. It is important to obtain information before the operation, since the anesthesia criterion will result in presenting the patient with a different price for brachioplasty.

As in every aesthetic procedure and operation, in this operation performed for arm sagging, the examination by a specialist physician and the suitability of the patient are important. Since the patient will be under anesthesia, all examinations should be performed in detail before the operation day is determined. It is important to be informed about brachioplasty prices during the detailed information phase.

The points to be followed by the patient are conveyed by the specialist physician after the operation. First of all, the person should wear a corset for 10 days. The reason for the use of a corset is to reduce swelling in the area where the brachioplasty has been performed and to increase the effect of the operation.

After 4-5 days, the person can completely return to his daily activities, while the stitches are healed in 8-10 days. The patient should avoid heavy work and exercise for 3-4 weeks. Swimming should be avoided for 3 weeks as well as other sudden and excessive arm movements.

Edema that is considered normal may occur in the first 2 weeks after brachioplasty and this is completely temporary. A repeat of the operation is not usually needed after the procedure. In this case, if an excess of skin remains after brachioplasty, which is unlikely to be repeated, a brachioplasty can be performed again.

The comments of people who have had sagging skin and been operated are generally positive. Patients do not have to hide their arms when they get rid of their aesthetic concerns. Although the scar problem is not on the agenda, the feedback of people is always positive. Having the operation with quality materials in a safe environment without concerns for brachioplasty prices guarantees that the patient completes the process without complications in terms of health.

In general, brachioplasty prices vary depending on some criteria. The center where the patient will be treated, the treatment method to be applied and other additional operations to be performed, the experience and expertise of the physician will create criteria for brachioplasty prices and cause differences.

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