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Forehead Lift / Brow Lift

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Forehead Lift is a solution for removing wrinkles and lines in the forehead area. The most common areas where signs of aging are seen in humans occur on the forehead in the face area. Forehead lift surgeries are usually performed in combination.

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The procedure applied to remove the wrinkles and lines that occur in the forehead area of individuals over time as a result of aging is called forehead lifting and eyebrow lifting. In cases where botox and filling applications are insufficient to eliminate the deformations in the forehead area, this operation should be performed and the specialist physician will decide whether the application is necessary or not. When applied to patients with low eyebrow and temple area, deep forehead wrinkles, the decision to perform forehead and eyebrow lifting is made as a result of an examination of the suitable candidates, especially people over 40 years of age by the physician.

It is one of the most preferred aesthetic procedures because of the many advantages of forehead and eyebrow lift surgery, as well as the successful results of those who have the operation. The procedures do not have any age limit and anyone who has aesthetic problems can be a candidate for the application. The patient’s gaze not only looks fitter and younger, there are improvements in the field of vision. After the operation, which takes place without interrupting social life, the patient can comfortably return to his normal life on the same day. The reason why there is no possibility of scarring is because the procedure is performed under the scalp. Compared to other aesthetic procedures, forehead and eyebrow lift prices are very cost-effective.

As with every aesthetic procedure, it is necessary to determine the suitability of the applicant first by examining in terms of forehead and eyebrow lifting operations. Since the operation will be performed under general anesthesia, analysis and examinations must be performed according to the suitability of anesthesia. Once the patient is eligible, he / she is prepared for surgery. All examinations made during the preparation phase should be evaluated within the scope of forehead and eyebrow lift prices and the patient should be informed.

The suitability of the patient is determined during the examination and the surgical techniques are decided. Forehead and eyebrow lift operations are performed with 2 different methods, endoscopic and open. Providing detailed information to the patient and explaining the difference between the methods should be provided by the specialist physician and the operation should be performed with the technique suitable for the patient. Forehead and eyebrow lift prices will differ according to the technique. It is important to consult a specialist physician for method determination and information on forehead and eyebrow lift prices.

Bruising and swelling that occur after aesthetic procedures also occur after forehead and eyebrow lifting operations and are a temporary condition. The stitches are removed after a week, and the patient can return to work after 10 days. During the healing process, the area is wrapped with a bandage so that the effect of the operation does not disappear, and the patient will be comfortable enough to use make up from the first day.

The most common questions asked by people who want to have surgery are about feeling pain, whether it is permanent, and the prices of forehead and eyebrow lifts. It is important to get information from an experienced specialist physician by making an appointment at the center where the application will be made. It is especially important to get information about forehead and eyebrow lift prices in order not to be victimized.

Although it varies depending on the method applied to the person, there is no feeling of pain because the procedure is generally performed under anesthesia. It will be sufficient to use the painkillers and antibiotics recommended by the specialist physician to the patient for any pain that may occur after forehead and eyebrow lift operations.

The patient is satisfied with a younger appearance for at least 5 years after the operation. Although forehead and eyebrow lift operations vary depending on the person and usage, they have a permanence of 5-10 years. Repeatability can be utilized by consulting a specialist physician if desired.

The swelling seen in aesthetic operations goes down spontaneously within 1-2 weeks. Forehead and eyebrow lift operations take place in 2-3 hours under general anesthesia. For this reason, and to check the general condition of the patient, the patient should be hospitalized overnight and then discharged. In addition to the advantage of being able to return to normal life immediately, it is a factor that has an effect on forehead and eyebrow lift prices.

Clear information should be shared with the patient about the forehead and eyebrow lift prices after examining the patient for the removal of deformations in the forehead and face area. Since the surgery technique, the experience of the physician, the center and methods to be applied are established within personal plans, forehead and eyebrow lift prices are also individual and differ.

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