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The condition that is manifested when the auricle is bent forward is among the problems that cause social and psychological problems in people. Prominent ear surgery is among the highly demanded aesthetic operations today as a solution to the prominent condition of the ears and the problems they cause.

A practical and safe solution is provided without hearing problems with this procedure where the intervention is made to the outer part of the ears. Prominent ears are among aesthetic problems that must be taken into consideration, especially since they can cause severe traumatic problems in childhood.

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This condition, known as jug ears, is a deformity caused by the ears which protrude forward. The deformity caused by the inadequacy of the ear folds and slack ear cartilage ends with prominent ear surgery. This deformity, which is usually seen in both ears, can sometimes be encountered only in one ear.

Although women can hide this aesthetic problem with their hair, it causes serious aesthetic concerns in men. The psychological problems that are cause are usually eliminated with simple and safe prominent ear surgery and the self-confidence of the people is restored.

This is an operation that can be performed safely for everyone who is not satisfied with the shape of their ears and causes aesthetic anxiety. After an examination, the suitability of the candidate is determined by a specialist physician and prominent ear surgery is easily performed with the help of a simple technique. The operation age is determined as 5 years for preschool children. Since this aesthetic problem in childhood will cause problems at school age, it should not be postponed because it will cause psychological problems.

Since prominent ear problems encountered in children, such as deformity, can affect the child at school age, it has been found best to perform the operation in the preschool period and the age limit determined by experts for prominent ear surgery is 5.

The operation, which is performed at the right time and with the right techniques, aims to recover lost self-confidence and o save the person from the psychological problems that he will face in his later years. The determination of the time will play a role in deciding how the operation will be performed and will help to gain clarity about prominent ear surgery prices.

Prominent ear problem, which is generally a congenital problem based on genetic factors, can cause aesthetic problems in the individual. It emerges as a problem that is passed on in a family due to the high probability of the child of parents with prominent ears also having the same problem. Prominent ears are caused by circumstances such as a wide auricle angle, loose ear cartilage, flat ear lobes and can be eliminated with prominent ear surgery.

Prominent ear surgery prices and the recovery process are among issues which people wonder about the most. Prominent ear surgery is a very practical treatment method for those who want to continue their normal life. People can return to their daily lives after the operation performed under local anesthesia and continue their lives without interruption.

A recovery period of 1-2 weeks is sufficient for people after the operation performed without stitches. The important point is to increase the success of the operation by protecting the ears from external effects. After prominent ear surgery, the appearance of prominent ears, which is an aesthetic problem for people, is eliminated and a completely natural appearance is obtained and the person regains self-confidence. How the operation is executed is an important factor in determining the recovery time, and information should be obtained about prominent ear surgery prices.

Prominent ear condition, which is an aesthetic problem noticed in babies, is generally solved with elastic bands recommended by a specialist physician and there is no need for prominent ear surgery at a later age. If this process is missed, an operation can be carried out by a specialist physician after an examination, and this is usually at the preschool age of 4-5.

In this period when ear development is completed, children who are operated on have a healthy education life. The prices of prominent ear surgery for children is more cost-effective than the operation performed on adults.

Experts underline that prominent ear surgery which is also suitable for adults should be performed as soon as it is first noticed. It is stated by specialist physicians that people are social and their psychological and social concerns will cause problems as they get older and that the ideal age is 4-5 years.

The suitability of the person should be determined by making an appointment with a center, since the way the operation is performed will cause differences in prominent ear surgery prices.

The operation to be performed on prominent ears is quite simple and safe and eliminates the aesthetic problems that occur in people which raises questions about the cost of prominent ear surgery.

First of all, many factors, especially the condition of the center and the patient’s condition, have an effect on the cost of prominent ear surgery, which should be done by an experienced and specialist physician.

It is necessary to be examined before the operation to obtain accurate information from a specialist physician since the cost will be affected by issues such as whether one or both ears are operated, whether there is a need to find solutions to other problems, and factors such as anesthesia techniques.

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