Prominent Ear Surgery in Turkey

Prominent Ear Surgery in Turkey

Prominent Ear Surgery in Turkey

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The average cost of otoplasty in Turkey starts at 1500 USD. This price may vary depending on the chosen technique, the surgeon’s experience, and the location of the clinic.

ProcedureDescriptionEstimated Cost (USD)
Traditional OtoplastyMost common technique, incision behind the ear, cartilage reshaping$2,500 - $4,000
No-Stitch OtoplastyDissolvable sutures, minimal scarring$3,000 - $4,500
Earlobe ReductionReduces enlarged earlobes$1,500 - $2,500
Combined OtoplastyAddresses both prominent ears and enlarged lobes$4,000 - $5,500

Prominent Ear surgery, also known as otoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure that can reshape and reposition your ears to achieve a more natural and balanced appearance. If you have protruding or prominent ears, otoplasty can help you feel more confident and self-assured.

At Estevien Clinic, we offer a comprehensive range of otoplasty procedures to meet your individual needs. Our experienced surgeons use the latest techniques to ensure the best possible results.

Prominent ear surgery, also known as otoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure that reshapes and repositions the ears to create a more natural and proportional appearance. It’s typically performed to address protruding ears, where the ears extend further away from the head than is considered normal.

Who can benefit from otoplasty?

Several groups of people can potentially benefit from otoplasty, each for different reasons:

Individuals with Protruding Ears:

  • This is the most common situation where otoplasty is considered. Individuals who have ears that extend significantly away from the head (often called “prominent ears” or “bat ears”) might experience:
    • Low self-esteem or self-consciousness due to teasing or negative comments about their ears.
    • Social anxiety or avoidance of situations where their ears might be noticed.
    • Difficulties wearing glasses or hairstyles due to ear shape.
    • Psychological distress impacting their well-being.


  • Children as young as 5-6 years old may be suitable for otoplasty if their ears are fully developed and the concerns significantly affect their emotional well-being and social interactions. Early intervention can prevent potential bullying and boost their confidence at a crucial stage.

Adults Seeking Improvement:

  • Adults who feel their prominent ears detract from their facial harmony or negatively impact their self-image can benefit from otoplasty.
  • This can lead to increased confidence, improved self-esteem, and a more positive self-perception.

Other Considerations:

  • It’s important to note that otoplasty is an individual decision and should not be undertaken solely to meet societal beauty standards.
  • A thorough consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon is crucial to ensure realistic expectations, understand the potential risks and benefits, and determine if otoplasty aligns with your personal goals and well-being.

What are the common techniques used in otoplasty?

There are several common techniques used in otoplasty, each with its own advantages and suitability depending on the individual’s specific needs and ear anatomy. Here’s a breakdown of some key options:

Traditional Otoplasty:

  • This is the most widely used technique. It involves making an incision behind the ear, allowing access to the underlying cartilage.
  • The surgeon then reshapes the cartilage by techniques like scoring, suturing, or removing small portions.
  • This allows for precise control and adjustment of the ear position and shape.
  • Stitches are used to close the incision, typically hidden behind the ear.
  • While effective, it leaves a small, permanent scar.

No-Stitch Otoplasty:

  • This technique utilizes special absorbable sutures that dissolve over time, eliminating the need for external stitches and minimizing scarring.
  • It’s suitable for mild to moderate cases where cartilage reshaping is less extensive.
  • However, this method offers less control and may not be ideal for significant corrections or complex ear anatomy.

Earlobe Reduction:

  • This technique addresses enlarged or stretched earlobes caused by aging, heavy earrings, or injury.
  • Excess tissue is carefully removed and the remaining lobe is reshaped and sutured for a more natural appearance.
  • It can be performed alone or combined with other otoplasty techniques.

Other Techniques:

  • Combined Otoplasty: Combines different techniques like traditional and earlobe reduction to address both prominent ears and enlarged lobes.
  • Cartilage Grafting: In rare cases, cartilage from another area of the body may be used to add structure or volume to the ear.

Is otoplasty right for you?

Consulting a board-certified plastic surgeon is essential to discuss your specific concerns, assess your suitability for the procedure, and understand the potential risks and benefits. They can also guide you in choosing the most appropriate technique based on your individual needs and desired outcome.

What Are the Benefits of Otoplasty?

Written in the table.

Improved Self-ConfidenceReduced self-consciousness, increased social interaction and participationFeeling comfortable with hairstyles, participating in sports confidently
Reduced Bullying and StigmaDecreased teasing and bullying, improved social acceptanceChildren feeling included and confident at school, adults experiencing less judgment
Enhanced Ear FunctionCorrected hearing obstruction, improved sound qualityDifficulty hearing whispers resolved, enjoying music more fully
Increased ComfortRelieved strain from heavy earlobes, minimized potential headachesMore comfortable sleeping, less irritation or pain
Permanent ResultsNo need for ongoing maintenance, lasting improvement in appearanceEnjoying the results long-term, eliminating the need for temporary solutions
Facial HarmonyCreation of a more balanced and proportionate faceFeeling more attractive and confident in overall appearance
Overall Well-BeingPositive impact on self-esteem, reduced anxiety, potential emotional and social benefitsIncreased happiness and quality of life

What Age You Can Get Otoplasty Surgery?

The recommended age for otoplasty surgery depends on several factors;

Age GroupRecommended Age for OtoplastyConsiderations
Children5-6 years old (minimum)Ear development, psychological maturity, significant self-esteem concerns
AdultsAny ageNo age restriction, fully developed ears required

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