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Considering lasik eye surgery to ditch the glasses? Here’s what to expect regarding the cost:

Factors Influencing Price:

  • Clinic Specialization: Specialized eye surgery clinics set their own prices based on their expertise and facilities.
  • Market Equilibrium: Laser eye surgery costs have generally stabilized, reflecting the current market balance between supply and demand.

Cost Breakdown:

The price range of £1200 to £3000 per eye reflects the expenses involved:

  • Experienced Doctors: Highly-skilled surgeons often command higher fees due to their expertise.
  • Clinic Operations: Maintaining a state-of-the-art eye surgery clinic requires significant overhead costs.

Total Cost in the UK:

Depending on the clinic and your specific needs, correcting your vision in both eyes could cost up to £6000 in the UK.

Comparison With Turkey Lasik Eye Surgery Cost

Considering laser eye surgery but worried about the cost? Here’s why Turkey offers a compelling alternative:

Significantly Lower Costs:

The average cost of laser eye surgery in Turkey is just £700 per eye, translating to potential savings of up to £4800 compared to the UK! This significant price difference makes laser eye surgery more accessible for many patients.

Quality You Can Trust:

Wondering why it’s cheaper? Our partner clinics in Turkey boast:

  • Highly Qualified Surgeons: Their experience and qualifications are on par with UK clinics.
  • Advanced Technology: They utilize the same equipment and perform the same procedures (LASIK, SMILE) as their UK counterparts.
  • Modern Facilities: The clinical environments meet the same high standards.

The Cost Advantage of Turkey:

Turkish clinics benefit from:

  • Lower Operating Costs: This allows them to offer competitive prices compared to the UK.
  • Favorable Exchange Rates: The current exchange rate further enhances affordability for international patients.

Investing in Growth:

By offering cost-effective solutions, Turkish clinics:

  • Attract More Patients: Positive experiences lead to more customers seeking their services.
  • Boost Future Business: Building a reputation for affordable, quality care fuels future growth.

Ready to See Clearly and Save?

Explore lasik eye surgery in Turkey and experience the life-changing benefits without breaking the bank! Contact us today to learn more.

Estevien Clinic Eye Surgery Packages

Say goodbye to glasses with Estevien Clinic’s laser eye surgery package in Istanbul, Turkey. Here’s what makes it a compelling option:

Unbeatable Value:

  • Cost-Effective Surgery: Our price covers the lasik eye procedure itself, making it significantly more affordable than many other locations.
  • Added Benefits: Enjoy free round-trip airport transfers and comfortable accommodation during your stay – saving you even more!

Experience Istanbul:

  • Explore a Beautiful City: Turn your laser eye surgery trip into a memorable vacation. Istanbul offers stunning sights and rich culture to discover.
  • Sense of Community: Many patients choose Istanbul for lasik eye surgery, so you might even see others recovering after their procedures!

Personalized Care:

  • Always at Your Service: Our dedicated Estevien Clinic representative is readily available to answer any questions, assist with translations, or recommend fantastic restaurants – ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.