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Lasik Surgery Turkey, this is the latest technology used in the elimination of focusing problems that occur due to different reasons. Lasik surgery turkey is known as no touch or laser eye treatment. It is a reliable and healthy eye treatment method that is used today due to the use of blade-free laser technology using the excimer laser technique. Lasik surgery, which is an eye number correction procedure using the laser technique, is a very successful treatment method in correcting myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism problems in the eyes.

It has widespread use today as a laser treatment method that is an expert in refracting light. Lasik surgery prices, which are popularly known as no touch and no eyeglasses surgery, become clear after a treatment plan is made for the patient.

$ 1.000

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6-8 Hours

Operation Time

2.5 Days

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Lasik surgery, which is used in the treatment of focusing problems and is a very reliable eye treatment, is a treatment method that can be safely applied to people who are over the age of 18 and whose diopter number has not changed in the last 1 year. People applying for this surgery are thoroughly checked by a specialist physician and undergo a lengthy eye examination. It is determined whether the patient is suitable for lasik surgery in about 3 hours and the details about the treatment process are conveyed to the patient.

Although it is a very safe eye treatment method, lasik surgery is an incorrect treatment to apply to some people in some cases. People who are not suitable for the application are those who are under the age of 18, have diabetes and rheumatic diseases, are pregnant and breastfeeding, and have eye cataracts and infections. These people cannot have the procedure on the basis of expert guidance and examinations.

Although it is a very safe eye treatment method, lasik surgery is an incorrect treatment to apply to some people in some cases. The people who are unfavorable to the application are those who are under the age of 18, have diabetes and rheumatic diseases, are pregnant and breastfeeding, and have eye cataract and infection problems. These people cannot be applied on the basis of expert guidance and examinations.

The patient should first undergo a detailed eye examination for this treatment. After all eye defects are checked by the specialist physician, the patient receives information about the lasik surgery process and decides on the treatment by getting information about lasik surgery prices. The process begins by the specialist physician’s determination of the patient’s suitability for treatment. The patient, whose condition is evaluated by making all tests, makes an appointment for the day of surgery.

After the procedures are completed, the patient is taken to the laser room and the surgery begins with the appropriate treatment methods. It is not correct to give clear price information beforehand, since the prices of lasik surgery will usually become clear after the examination. Other defects detected during the examination can also be treated.

If there are problems such as eye pressure, the pressure should be controlled first and then laser treatment should be started. Since all procedures are performed without incisions and using laser techniques, it provides a great advantage especially for people who fear surgery.

All procedures are completed painlessly. There may be a slight sensation of pain after Lasik surgery, and a solution can be found with painkillers recommended by the specialist physician. It is possible to experience stinging, burning and watering for 2 hours after the operation. A rash occurs in the white of the eyes due to the operation and this redness will disappear spontaneously after 15 days. The patient can also be hospitalized overnight for control purposes or sent home. In this case, different costs are incurred for Lasik surgery and different prices are determined according to the patient.

It is recommended to wear protective glasses on this first night for eye protection. A blurring of the eyes is considered normal, and full clarification can usually take 6 weeks. Depending on the patient’s condition, the recovery time can be longer. Tear drops and antibiotics should be used under the control of a specialist.

Specialist physicians recommend that the patients rest for a week and then return to work as a recovery process. Each apparatus and technique included in the treatment plan should be included in the Lasik surgery prices and the patient should be informed in detail about Lasik surgery prices before surgery. After the operation, the specialist physician calls the patient for a complimentary checkup one month later.

If the patient paid attention to the points to be considered in this process, a successful treatment process has been achieved without complications, and the patient is completely free of eye problems. He lives comfortably without wearing glasses.

Patients regain their vision comfortably after the operation. Lasik surgery, which is performed painlessly and without discomfort, is an eye treatment method that is quite safe and can be applied safely to everyone, with some exceptions.

In addition to being the most reliable method in eliminating eye defects, it is also among the most frequently used treatment methods all over the world, including our country. The comments of patients are also positive about the prices of lasik surgery and the number of people who have it affordably is quite high. The important thing is to determine the suitability of the person and to achieve healthy eyes by applying the correct treatment methods.

Thanks to the operation, which is an effective method in the treatment of eye defects, people often prefer this operation as a solution to vision problems. When choosing, they want to get information about the prices of lasik surgery. Lasik surgery is done with a fairly low cost in Turkey.

Reasonable Lasik surgery prices should not misguide people to choose centers that use poor quality materials and are unreliable in terms of health. If the procedure is performed by a specialist and experienced physician, a successful Lasik surgery without complications will benefit the person’s social life.

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