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This procedure is an application that restricts both food intake and food absorption. Due to the high success achieved in obesity surgical operations, it has become a highly preferred application. Gastric bypass, which is performed by connecting a part of the small intestine to the stomach and reducing the stomach, is frequently applied by specialist physicians to people with weight problems.

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Gastric bypass surgery, which is known to be a very old and different method compared to other treatment methods used in the weight loss process, is applied to reduce the absorption of food taken by reducing the stomach. It is a surgical intervention that is widely demanded since it has been seen that ailments such as diabetes and blood pressure caused by weight problems improve after gastric bypass surgery. Gastric bypass prices vary depending on the person to be treated and the surgery technique.

Gastric bypass surgery can be performed for anyone with a body mass index of 35 and above, between the ages of 18-65 who do not have any condition that prevents surgery. Although surgeries are performed under the age of 18, it is very important for health that this is done with family approval. All controls are made in detail, after the approval of the physician, the decision is made by considering the treatment and suitability for the operation. The age of the patients and the degree of the problem also affect gastric bypass prices.

Initially, after the patient decides on the operation, some tests requested by the specialist physician should be performed. After all the required examinations are done, the patient is prepared for gastric bypass surgery after the approval of the branch doctors. It is important to get information about gastric bypass prices before the surgery preparations are made to avoid victimization, and it is important to check whether the tests are included in the gastric bypass prices in the preparation phase.

It is possible to be discharged on foot within 1-2 hours after the closed operation. While 1 week of leave is sufficient for work done without heavy effort, the specialist physician finds it useful to give 1-month sick leave for people working in strenuous jobs.

The healing process varies depending on the technology of the operation and the expertise of the physician. During the recovery period, protein supplements are used for the first 15 days. Since there are no standard needs for every patient, the specialist physician definitely needs to do some examinations after the surgery and according to the results of these examinations, the need for reinforcement is checked.

All of the processes are performed in a closed manner, in line with today’s technology. After small incisions are opened in the abdomen, the stomach is reduced and a part of the stomach is connected to the small intestine. Gastric bypass surgery applied by experienced physicians is performed with the help of robotic surgery in the language of medicine. The application has some disadvantages. First of all, it causes long-term vitamin deficiency. It is necessary to diet and be under control for at least 1 year. If weight gain occurs again, intervention becomes limited.

Gastric bypass surgery, which has applications that vary according to the patient and his wishes, are surgical operations with safe and successful results. Proximal application is one of the most commonly used techniques. Other applications used are distal and mini gastric bypass applications. Each procedure and application technique should be evaluated primarily according to the patient’s condition. During the decision phase, the technique to be applied to the patient should be determined by experienced physicians and the patient should be informed about gastric bypass prices.

In obesity surgeries, a material called stapler is generally used. If the stapler line is insufficient or unsafe, suturing is also recommended by experts in gastric bypass surgery. Baticon can be used against infection problems and a bath can be done after discharge from the hospital. After 10 days of baticon application, the patient can continue his life comfortably without any scars or stains.

Since it is a closed application, there is no feeling of pain during and after the application. Since everyone has different pain limits, precautions can be taken by giving appropriate painkillers.

Since all the procedures performed during the operation are performed closed, the incisions are very small and the possibility of scarring is almost negligible. In order to minimize the risk of scarring on the wounds, specialist physicians recommend the use of cream regularly for 3 months.

The first month is important after operations, and no medication other than those recommended by the specialist physician should be used during this one month. It is important to consult a physician regarding the amount of painkillers and to drink plenty of fluids after taking medications.

Gastric bypass prices are generally reflected appropriately in centers with SGK agreement. Although the costs of the application vary based on different criteria, the most effective factors on gastric bypass prices are the quality and quantity of the materials used, the general condition of the patient, the reputation of the center to be applied and the experience of the physician. It is important to make an appointment to evaluate all of these factors and get clear information about gastric bypass prices.

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