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Fue Hair Transplant Turkey, is one of the effective methods that eliminate baldness today when aesthetic operations are widely used. Success is quite high as a result of this procedure performed by plastic surgeons. Nowadays, when hair transplantation technology is developing gradually, Fue hair transplant turkey, which is one of the first methods that people think of when it comes to hair transplantation, does not make any incision marks on the scalp.

This technique is therefore widely used as it provides a great advantage in the healing process. The fact that there will be no scars and incision scars after the procedure makes FUE hair transplantation even more popular. Thus, FUE hair transplant prices can be more costly.

$ 1.000

Prices Starting From

6-8 Hours

Operation Time

2.5 Days

Staying in Turkey

0.5 Day


2 Days

Hotel Stay

The patient is administered local anesthesia before the procedure. Suitable hair follicles to be used for hair transplantation are collected first. These roots are collected via the Fue engine. The collected grafts contain 2-3 hairs. It is necessary to be very careful to prevent any damage to the roots during the application. After the collected hair follicles are categorized separately, they are transplanted.

Another point to be careful about here is the groove opening process. The preferred specialist in this field must be experienced. Grooves are opened for the hair follicles and the hair transplantation process takes place with the opened grooves.

All individuals with favorable health conditions can benefit from hair transplantation. After adolescence, people with sparse hair or problems such as baldness can achieve the desired fullness with the FUE hair transplantation method. FUE hair transplantation is preferred if the prices are suitable for people’s budgets.

Just as each process has its own method, FUE hair transplantation has its own stages. In this method, local anesthesia is applied and hair roots collected from the person’s body are placed on the balding parts with the help of special tipped motors. Thus, hair transplantation is performed with transplanted hair follicles. This method, which gives a very permanent and successful result, is widely used by men. FUE hair transplantation prices are a leading subject of curiosity.

Those who want to have a hair transplant first seek specialist and experienced doctors. Subsequently, some tests are made in the preferred clinic to determine whether the people are suitable for hair transplantation. Any existing diseases of the person are revealed with the blood tests. Every individual with favorable health conditions can benefit from FUE hair transplantation. FUE hair transplantation prices should be known before the procedure is initiated and it is necessary to avoid harmful habits and not to apply cosmetic products to the area where the procedure will take place.

If the prices of FUE hair transplantation applied without the need for any incision or stitching for hair transplantation are known clearly, people can achieve the look they want. Those who have hair transplantation using this method can return to their daily lives in a short time.

An aesthetic and healthier appearance is obtained with FUE hair technology, which is among the newest techniques. Considering the advice given about this method, it is noteworthy that there is more information about the expert and experienced person who will perform the procedure. The patient, on the other hand, must strictly abide by the rules that must be followed before and after the procedure and attend the checkups.

Patients are sent home after hair transplantation. Subsequently the washing process is started. However, the washing process to be performed takes place in a short time and the scalp must not be scrubbed. Special shampoos are used after the procedure. It is necessary to go to the doctor’s office for checkups at regular intervals, if any problems occur, a specialist physician must be visited immediately. Antibiotics used under the doctor’s supervision are used against infections. New hair grows after 2-3 weeks from the transplanted hair follicles. This growing hair is shed again which is temporary. Then the hair grows back and becomes normal.

Fue hair transplant application has become a very popular procedure. For this reason, many people who have baldness problems due to environmental and hereditary factors have fuller hair with this method. This situation contributes to the both aesthetical and psychological relief of people. When looking at the comments made about the method, it is seen that people are very pleased. Those who are curious about the FUE hair transplantation method, and those who want to learn how this method works, can get information from the comments made.

Fue hair transplant prices differ depending on the preferred method. Fue Hair Transplant prices are determined depending on the number of grafts to be used. In determining the prices, the hair structure and characteristics of the people, the service conditions of the hospital and the number of personnel, the experience of the specialist doctor and the additional services establish clear prices. Research about Fue Hair Transplantation will also provide information about the prices. Those who want to use this method should first allocate a certain budget. Fue Hair Transplant prices vary depending on clinical conditions.

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