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Dhi Hair transplant Turkey, there are different methods of hair transplantation. Dhi hair transplant turkey, one of the most developed methods, means direct transplantation. The medical pen used in this technique has a great role. Only experts use this pen and grafts are collected with the help of the pen. The collected hair is placed on the head with a medical pen. The most important benefit of DHI hair transplantation is that no incisions or grooves are opened on the skin.

Direct transaction takes place in this application. The pen, which plays the main role during the application, minimizes the process to be done in a few steps. Thus, three-stage hair transplantation such as fue is done in two stages with the DHI method. This application gives hair a voluminous appearance. DHI hair transplant prices vary depending on the hair types of the people.

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6-8 Hours

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2.5 Days

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There are different methods of hair transplantation that men frequently use. For DHI hair transplantation, the hair follicles of the person are loosened with a special tool. Since the hair follicles to be used contain a piece of tissue and hair follicles, these roots are divided into separate categories. A correct angle is preferred for the appropriate transfer of the obtained hair follicles to the region. The roots are placed in the pencil to be used. The pen to be used must be suitable for the hair follicle and thickness structure of the person’s hair. During the performed operation, no incision is made on the skin, only receptacles are created and grafts are placed into these receptacles. Dhi hair transplantation prices should be known before the procedure is initiated.

All men who are uncomfortable with the absence or sparseness of their hair can use the DHI hair transplant technique in the best possible way. In addition, this method can be used not only by men but also by women. For this reason, it is necessary to consult a specialist first. Anyone deemed appropriate by the doctor can benefit from the application together with DHI hair transplantation prices. Depending on the wishes of the patient, this technique can be successfully applied in eyebrow and beard transplantation as well. There is no specific age limit to benefit from this procedure.

DHI hair transplant prices and hair transplantation, which are in more demand every day, have more advantages than other hair transplantation methods. This method is very convenient, especially because of fast results and no incisions. A number of tests are carried out by experts to determine whether people have any ailments or allergies before hair transplantation. If there are long hairs in the area where the application will take place later, these hairs should be cut and the area should be cleaned. In order to get closer to the target, any indigenous shapeless hair in the donor area should be shortened.

The number of people who have had a hair transplant is quite high. Using this technique, people who offer their opinions and suggestions about the technique mostly share their experiences on forums. Those who have had a DHI hair transplant state that the method is very efficient and successful. Most users are very satisfied with the results and these people are followed after the procedure.

Patients are followed up for a certain period after the procedure. Those who will have a DHI hair transplant should first choose a good clinic and doctor. Choosing a specialist doctor who is a a professional in the field will result in success. DHI hair transplantation prices can be learned from those who have hair transplantation.

People should pay attention to Dhi hair transplant prices, which is a special method, and some issues after dhi hair transplantation. Therefore, antibiotics given by the doctor should be used regularly. These antibiotics are taken to prevent possible infection. Other than that, recovery is very fast.

After the operation, a slight numbness and pain in the head are normal. For this reason, thin crusts and rashes are observed in the areas where the DHI method has been applied. The patient regains his normal appearance within 1-2 weeks. All rashes disappear completely as the hair starts to grow. Hair should be washed more gently for 10 days after hair transplantation. Hair should not come into contact with too much water. Special shampoo should be used during washing and scrubbing should be avoided. After the initial period, which has been carefully implemented, you can start washing your hair normally. In order for the process to proceed successfully, it is necessary to stay away from harmful and bad habits.

Today, many people pay great attention to their appearance. For this reason, hair transplantation procedures have become very popular. Everyone has a different method of hair transplantation that they prefer. The trend of recent times is the DHI hair transplantation method. When we look at the comments of the users who made the method, it is seen that positive results have been obtained in a short time. Although there are some complaints about DHI hair transplantation, the comments are generally positive. Based on the comments made, many people can have detailed information about DHI hair transplantation prices.

DHI hair transplantation prices vary according to the hair structure of the person and the stages of the procedure to be performed by the clinic. Hair transplantation prices may differ in terms of the size of the area where the procedure will take place and the level of the hair there, the services of the hospital where the application will be performed, the number of grafts to be transplanted and additional services. Those who want to have the method applied in line with DHI hair transplantation prices should first do a market research on this subject.

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