Arijana Kelecevic’s Mommy Makeover Experience at Estevin Clinic

Arijana Kelecevic’s Mommy Makeover Experience at Estevin Clinic

Arijana Kelecevic

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Estevien Clinic is the worldwide leader in Mommy Makeover surgery to help mothers reshape their bodies after childbirth.

Experienced surgeon Dr. Okan MORKOÇ and his team use the latest technology to create personalized treatment plans tailored to the specific needs of each mother.

The reasons for Arijana Kelecevic choosing Estevin Clinic

Arijana Kelecevic did a lot of research before choosing Estevien Clinic for her Mommy Makeover surgery. Here are some important reasons that influenced her decision:

Estevien Clinic’s leading position worldwide: Estevien Clinic has one of the highest success rates in Mommy Makeover surgery. Arijana Kelecevic was looking for an experienced and reliable clinic to achieve the best results.

JCI accreditation: Estevien Clinic is a JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited clinic. This accreditation is an indication of Estevien Clinic’s commitment to patient safety and quality service.

Patient-oriented service approach: Estevien Clinic pays special attention to its patients. Arijana Kelecevic wanted to feel comfortable and safe throughout the treatment process.

A comfortable treatment process: Estevien Clinic offers its patients a comfortable treatment process. Arijana Kelecevic wanted to make the most of her post-operative recovery.

All these advantages offered by Estevien Clinic played an important role in Arijana Kelecevic’s choice of Estevien Clinic. Arijana Kelecevic was extremely satisfied with the service she received at Estevien Clinic.

Which operations did Arijana Kelecevic have at Estevien Clinic?

Arijana Kelecevic had Brazilian butt lift (BBL), breast augmentation and tummy tuck surgeries within the scope of Mommy Makeover at Estevien Clinic.

With BBL surgery, the fat in the butt area was transferred and a fuller and lifted butt was obtained.

With breast augmentation surgery, her breasts were enlarged and lifted using silicone implants.

With tummy tuck surgery, excess fat and sagging skin in the abdominal area were removed, resulting in a flatter and firmer abdomen.

Arijana Kelecevic was very satisfied with the operations she received at Estevien Clinic. She completed the postoperative recovery process smoothly and achieved the body she dreamed of.

We at Estevien Clinic wish Arijana happiness in the new body. – Estevien Team